Woolworths Christmas Commercial & Song 2022 – Get Your Woolies Worth

Featuring the tagline ‘Get Your Woolies Worth’, this 2022 Woolworths Christmas advert tells viewers “It’s the little things that really make Christmas special, so we’re here to help you get your Woolies worth”.

The festive Woolworths commercial shows Australian families enjoying Christmas together as a woman remembers times picking fresh fruit in the countryside when she was younger, but now the lady enjoys more fresh fruit from Woolworths with her grandchildren.

What’s the Woolworths Christmas commercial song?
Ad Music: Our Love.
Artist: Great Gable.
Stream or download from Amazon.
Year of Release: 2022.

The song playing in this 2022 Woolworths Christmas advert is a tune titled ‘Our Love’ which was recorded by the Australian indie rock band Great Gable and released this year from the album ‘On The Wall In The Morning Light. The full track is also available to listen to in this video from Great Gable’s official YouTube channel:

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