Wimbledon Advert Trailer – The Story Continues

The Wimbledon Championships, which will be played between the 1st and 14th of July with TV coverage again provided by the BBC, are promoted in this epic new advert trailer.

Titled ‘The Story Continues’, this 60-second #JoinTheStory video mixes footage of the tennis tournaments top players competing over the years, with scenes from the biggest news stories and events of those years and decades.

The trailer includes a newspaper story of Fred Perry’s win accompanied by coverage of Amelia Earhart’s historic solo flight, while Althea Gibson’s victory is paired with the conquering on Everest, Boris Becker is shown triumphant amidst the fall of the Berlin Wall, Venus Williams wins as the new millennium dawns and Roger Federer lines up a forehand over the worlds tallest bridge.

10 May 2019

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