Wild Bill ITV Trailer – Song by Suuns

This official trailer advert for Wild Bill has just been released by ITV, with the shows air date now set for June 2019. The new comedy crime dramas cast list is headed by American actor Rob Lowe, playing the title character US police chief Bill Hixon who arrives in Boston, Lincolnshire with his daughter Kelsey.

Wild Bill Advert Song: 2020. Artist: Suuns.
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The music we can just about hear playing in the background of this Wild Bill ITV trailer appears to be an instrumental version, or at least instrumental sections, of a song called ‘2020’. This track was recorded by Canadian rock band Suuns and was released by the Montreal group back in 2013, taken from their second album ‘Images du Futur’.

If you’re trying to find out the name of the Wild Bill theme music, the song, at least during the opening credits of the first episode, is ‘Spirit in the Sky’ by musician and singer Norman Greenbaum.