WhatsApp Commercial & Song – Pigeon

Titled ‘A New Era of Privacy’, WhatsApp uses this new commercial, with the help of a carrier pigeon, to point out the lack of privacy with standard SMS text messages in contrast to Meta’s WhatsApp service.

This 60-second version of the WhatsApp TV ad spot shows people inside a shipping center surprised to see the staff member folding up their letters in order to send them via carrier pigeon.

When customers then understandably voice their concerns over privacy, the guy points out how similar it is to sending their usual text messages.

The commercial then encourages viewers to “Step up to a new era of personal privacy with automatic end-to-end encryption” and ” Message Privately” with WhatsApp.

What’s the WhatsApp commercial song?

Ad Music: Can You Get To That.
Artist: Funkadelic.
Stream or download from Amazon.

The song playing towards the end of this WhatsApp commercial is a tune titled ‘Can You Get To That’ which was recorded by the American funk rock band Funkadelic and was released in 1971 from the album ‘Maggot Brain’.

TV Advert Music
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