Watch: 2021 Halifax Advert – Stand By Me – Full Video & Oasis Song Details

Halifax has just launched this brand-new ‘Stand By Me’ 2021 advert that features a song by Oasis and a video that follows the lives of residents of a single street.

Watch the full commercial video:

The Halifax advert shows us moments in the resident’s lives as they happen, featuring a mixture of joyful occasions and very tough times.

We’re shown messages like “It’s a joyful thing”, “It’s a sister thing”, “It’s a new playmate thing” and “It’s a look what we achieved thing” before the video concludes with Halifax’s main tagline “It’s a people thing”.

2021 Halifax Advert Music: Stand by Me.
Artist: Oasis.
Stream or download from Amazon.

Written by Noel Gallagher, the Halifax advert song playing in this new 2021 campaign is the track ‘Stand by Me’ that was released in 1997 by Manchester band Oasis.

16 Feb 2021

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