2020 Walmart Commercial – Lean On Me – Song by Bill Withers

As the coronavirus pandemic puts so many people in tough, challenging, and sometimes isolated circumstances, Walmart brings us this 2020 ‘Neighbors’ commercial to try and lift our spirits.

The 60-second ad spot showcases America’s community spirit as Walmart workers and associates come together in inspiring ways, singing a very moving and well-sung cover of Lean On Me.

Ad Music: Lean On Me.
Original Singer: Bill Withers.
Stream or download from Amazon.

This 2020 Walmart commercial song that’s being performed in the video was originally written and recorded by Bill Withers, who sadly recently passed away.

This incredible tune, which the American singer-songwriter released in 1972 from his second album ‘Still Bill’, has taken on even greater meaning during the coronavirus crisis when many of us could do with some extra feeling of connection and support.

As much of the world’s population stay indoors under lockdown conditions, I would not be surprised to see many downloads of the single leading to Lean On Me reentering the Billboard Hot 100 and charts all over the globe.

April 4, 2020

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