2019 Walmart Commercial – BBQ, Welcome To My House – Song by Flo Rida

Walmart encourages shoppers to “Wow the crowd” this summer in their latest TV ad, which showcases some of the high-quality fresh meat and produce available for treating your BBQ guests. The video also suggests we “Try Grocery Pickup today”.

Ad Music: My House. Artist: Flo Rida.
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Featuring the lyrics “Welcome to my house”, this Summer 2019 Walmart commercial song was recorded by the American rapper and singer Flo Rida. Titled ‘My House’, the song is the title track of the Florida artists 2015 album. If the tune sounds familiar, that’s possibly because the single samples the drum break from 1973 funk track ‘Impeach the President’, which was recorded by The Honey Drippers.

June 29, 2019

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