Walmart Commercial – BBQ Summer Fresh Ingredients – Song by Systema Solar

This latest 2020 TV ad spot from Walmart offers us a selection of very tasty looking summer-fresh ingredients for the BBQ and campfires, including organic peaches, lemonade, and freshly caught seafood.

Plus when you order your food from Walmart it’ll be ready to collect with contactless pickup or delivery and at their same every day low prices.

Ad Music: Yo Voy Ganao.
Artist: Systema Solar.
Stream or download from Amazon.

The distinctive sounding music playing in this current 2020 Walmart commercial is a song titled ‘Yo Voy Ganao’, which translates from Spanish into English as “I’m going to win”.

This track was recorded by the Colombian dance music group Systema Solar and was released in 2018 from their album ‘Golazo!’.

July 16, 2020

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