Volkswagen Jetta GLI Commercial Song – The Beast In Me – Traffic Lights

Volkswagen USA’s new TV commercial for their Jetta GLI shows a young woman growing increasingly impatient as she’s forced to wait for ages at an intersection for a red light.

We’ve all had that experience late at night without another car in sight, wondering if the lights are ever going to change but, despite her eagerness, the actress manages to hold back until they eventually turn green. At that point, the girl shifts firmly into gear and puts the performance VW sedans 228hp engine and a limited-slip differential to use as she pulls away. But with this being the modern world of automobiles and advertising, there’s no dramatic wheel spinning or loud engine revving to be heard. I guess we’ll just have to imagine the feeling of power and acceleration.

Advert Music: Beast In Me (Johnny Cash cover). Singer: Mark Lanegan.
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Any of you country music fans out there will likely recognize this current Volkswagen Jetta GLI commercial song as a cover of the Johnny Cash track Beast in Me, but are perhaps wondering who sings this cover. After all, those clearly aren’t the distinctive vocals of The Man In Black.

The version playing in this VW TV ad was actually recorded by the State of Washington singer-songwriter and alternative rock musician Mark Lanegan, whose cover featured on the soundtrack album of 2011 comedy film The Hangover Part II.

May 6, 2019

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