VW Arteon Commercial – Look Down – Song by Love

Volkswagen introduces viewers to their all-new Arteon in this latest ‘Look Down in Awe’ TV commercial. As the title hints at, the ad video is filmed from a driver or passengers view as it shows pedestrians looking down on them in VW’s luxury four-door fastback car.

The film, which is played back to us in slow motion, finishes with the tagline ‘Go ahead, look down on it’. So if you enjoy being looked down upon by people on the street and SUV drivers, it appears this Volkswagen Arteon could be just the automobile for you.

Advert Music: Always See Your Face. Artists: Love.
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Opening with the lyrics “Won’t somebody please, help me with my miseries”, this VW Arteon commercial song is called Always See Your Face and was recorded by Los Angeles band Love. The psychedelic and folk-rock group released this song in 1969 as part of their fourth album Four Sail.

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