Volvo XC90 Commercial Song – Lean On

The soundtrack to this 2020/2021 TV commercial for the Volvo XC90 tells us “All we need is someone to lean on” while the video promotes this Plug-in Hybrid Electric luxury SUV as “The car you trust to protect them” that now also “Protects their future”.

This latest ‘Recharged’ ad spot from Volvo shows a family driving the XC90 through the country, along a road surrounded by electricity-producing wind turbines. This lower carbon-producing source of power, combined with the vehicles Plug-in Hybrid technology, all fits in with the adverts theme of protecting children’s futures by using cleaner and more sustainable energy sources.

Advert Music: Lean On (cover).
Download the original from Amazon.

Opening with the lyrics “Do you recall, not long ago”, this newest Volvo XC90 commercial song is a cover of a track called ‘Lean On’ that was originally recorded by the American electronic music group Major Lazer. Released back in 2015, the single also featured French record producer DJ Snake and the Danish singer MØ.

The cover playing in this Volvo ad is a slowed-down version performed by a male vocalist who we so far haven’t been able to identify. We’ll update this page once we learn the name of the singer and whether or not it’ll be released for download as a full song.

UPDATE: It has now been revealed that this Major Lazer cover of Lean On is being performed by Squeak E Clean Studios and Kit Conway.

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