Volvo Commercial 2020 – Give Me Light – Song by Marti West

Volvo tells viewers in this new 2020 TV commercial that “Wherever you dream of going, we’ll get you there safely”.

The new 30-second ad video shows a woman looking out of an apartment or hotel room window while a white Volvo SUV is being driven across the country, perhaps to pick her up?

Advert Music: Give Me Light.
Singer: Marti West.
Stream or download from or Amazon UK.

The relaxing and chilled out 2020 Volvo commercial song playing here is a track called ‘Give Me Light’ that was recorded by the Gothenburg-based singer-songwriter Marti West.

This advert music features the lyrics “All along the road, give me light, give me light. I’m tired of being alone, every night, every night” and was released in July last year.


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