Voltarol Advert 2021 – Motorcycle Grandpa – Song by Bee Gees

A Grandpa uses Voltarol 12hr Joint Pain Relief Gel to reduce pain in one of his knees in this 2021 Voltarol advert, thus allowing him to get back into his love of motorcycling.

After giving the gel a few days to take effect, we see the actor get to work in the garage restoring a motorcycle with sidecar to get back on the open roads.

Then with the bike looking like new, the guy takes his granddaughter, played by actress Tallulah Conabeare from the Natwest trolley pound coin advert, out for a ride in the sidecar.

Advert Music: To Love Somebody (cover).
Producers: MassiveMusic.
Stream or download the Bee Gees original from Amazon.

This new Votarol advert song is a cover of the Bee Gees 1967 hit single ‘To Love Somebody’ that’s been produced for the ad by MassiveMusic.

If you have the feeling you’ve heard this song playing in another TV commercial recently you’d be correct as there’s a different cover featuring in this advert for the Renault Captur SUV.

9 Feb 2021

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