Volkswagen Golf GTI 2021 Advert Song – Love At First Sight

A red all-new VW Golf GTI sets off a chain reaction of hot romance in this 2021 TV commercial from Volkswagen that offers ‘Love At First Sight’.

I’m not sure if the guy in this VW advert has dodgy Wi-Fi that’s oversensitive to interference but after the red Volkswagen Golf pulls up outside his flat his smart speaker, heating thermostat, and various devices all switch themselves to red hot mode as the mood gets all romantic.

Advert Music: Baby Let Me Kiss You.
Artist: King Floyd.
Stream or download from Amazon.

Recorded by US singer King Floyd, this VW Golf GTI advert song is a funk and soul track called ‘Baby Let Me Kiss You’ and was released back in 1971 along with the tune ‘Please Don’t Leave Me Lonely’.

27 Jan 2021

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