Vodafone Advert 2020 – Come Together – Song by Rockin’ 1000

Vodafone shows us some of the ways they’re helping to keep us connected during the coronavirus pandemic in this new ‘Come Together’ 2020 advert.

The 40-second video shows families and friends staying connected over the internet while rightly staying at home and observing social distancing rules.

The ad shows people Keeping it going, Keeping it real, and Keeping it interesting, before telling us “Every day we’re working to maintain our network, so even when we’re apart, nothing can stop us being together”.

Advert Music: Come Together (cover).
Band/Singers: Rockin’ 1000.
Stream or download from Amazon.

The 2020 Vodafone advert song playing during this commercial is a cover of the Beatles 1969 single ‘Come Together’ that was performed live by a huge group of rock musicians called Rockin’ 1000. This live cover used in the ad was recorded in Cesena in 2016 and released for download the following year.


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