Virgin Media Advert – Unlimiting, Anything – Song by Yello

Update: If you’re looking for the more recent Virgin Media ‘I Can Do Anything’ advert, we have the video and music details to that new one here. End of update.

Virgin Media promote the entertainment and connectivity experience of their new Ultimate bundle in this ‘Unlimiting’ ad campaign.

The video shows the combination of Virgin’s fast home broadband, TV and mobile data with Truly Unlimited SIM offering so much connectivity and entertainment at home or on the move that one guy believes he can do anything.

Initially, this belief appears to be well-founded as the man completes an already virtually finished crossword, works on an election campaign from his house, then from a motorhome, makes new friends and enjoys a little gaming. Unfortunately, the actors winning streak comes to an end when he discovers a little too late the one thing he can’t do: fly. But judging by the end of this ad, one more thing the guy was capable of was faking his own death. The lengths some people will go to to get out of their contract eh.

Advert Music: Oh Yeah. Artist: Yello.
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The Virgin Media advert song that we hear playing throughout this commercial is a tune called ‘Oh Yeah’. The song was recorded by Swiss band Yello and was released in 1985 as part of the electronic group’s fourth studio album ‘Stella’. This piece of music featured a year after its release in the American comedy film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, while fans of The Simpsons may recognise Oh Yeah as beer brand spokesman Duffman’s regular entrance music.

17 June 2019

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