Virgin Media – Seal of Approval – Song by The Pirouettes

Virgin Media’s broadband, mobile, and TV offers get a ‘Seal of approval’ in this TV ad campaign, which features another song well suited to head-nodding.

Starring actress Lydia Larson, the ad shows a woman reading a newspaper while sitting on the sofa before a seal appears before her. After a guy walks into the room, the seal lands on the coffee table and shoots lasers out of its eyes on to the wall. All your standard TV advert stuff, of course, nothing unusual here.

Advert Music: Dernier métro.
Artist: The Pirouettes.
Download or stream from Amazon.

This Virgin Media advert song is a tune titled ‘Dernier métro’ that was recorded by French electro-pop group The Pirouettes, whose line-up includes members Leo Bear Creek and Vickie Chérie. The single was released for download in 2014 as part of the group’s 2014 album ‘L’importance des autres’.

The Virgin Media Seal has since appeared in a 2021 ad, minus the human cast members, promoting the company’s latest deals.

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