Rugby World Cup ITV Trailer – Song by Jaden

ITV have just released this eyecatching new trailer video for their exclusive coverage of the upcoming Rugby World Cup, with the broadcaster set to air every single game live.

Running from 20 September to 2 November, the tournament is this time being played in Japan, which could mean a few early morning starts for fans in the UK, hence this adverts ‘Rise for the Rugby World Cup on ITV’ title.

Advert Music: GOKU. Artist: Jaden.
Download or stream from Amazon.

Fittingly, this 2019 Rugby World Cup ITV trailer song is a track called ‘GOKU’, which was named after a character from Japanese manga series Dragon Ball. The song was recorded by American singer-songwriter, actor and rapper Jaden Smith, the son of Will Smith who’s now become a very successful entertainer in his own right.

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