Vanquis Credit Card Advert – Walk Tall Cat – Song by Singer Val Doonican

Vanquis promotes its credit cards in this advert that’s titled ‘Walk Tall’ and shows a cat casually strolling through a market on just its back legs.

As the cat struts their way down the high street, they understandably catch the eye of others around them, be they human or fellow feline.

The cat’s antics eventually lead to a lady colliding with a fruit and veg stall after not looking where she’s going, distracted by the upright cat.

This incident causes a load of cucumbers to fly towards our hero, which they successfully evade in stylish slow-motion.

Vanquis Advert Music: Walk Tall.
Singer: Val Doonican.
Stream or download from Amazon.

This ‘credit card cat’ Vanquis advert song is titled ‘Walk Tall’ and was recorded by the Irish country music singer Val Doonican.

Featuring the lyrics “Walk tall, walk straight and look the world right in the eye”, the song was written by Nashville songwriter Don Wayne and was released by Doonican in 1964.

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