Uber Commercial 2020 – No Mask, No Ride – Song by Delicate Beats

Uber has just launched this new 2020 #MoveWhatMatters commercial to remind customers of their current policy: No Mask, No Ride.

Titled ‘Wear a mask. Protect each other’, the 30-second ad spot shows the faces of many different Uber drivers and users, all wearing masks to cover their nose and mouth.

With many people debating the effectiveness of face coverings on stopping the spread of coronavirus, this Uber advert points out how wearing a mask protects those around the wearer, not just the person wearing the mask.

Advert Music: The New School.
Artist: Delicate Beats.

This 2020 ‘No Mask, No Ride’ Uber commercial song is an upbeat piece of music called ‘The New School’ that was recorded by Delicate Beats, who are a Montreal-based duo consisting of brothers JT and Louis.

This track isn’t currently available to download as a single, but it is available for licensing from the website Premium Beat.

July 12, 2020

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