Toyota Yaris Hybrid Commercial with Gymnast Katelyn Ohashi – Song & Location Details

Toyota has just released this great 2020/2021 commercial in the UK and Europe for its Yaris Hybrid that stars the US artistic gymnast Katelyn Ohashi.

The 60-second ad shows 23-year-old Katelyn, who’s now retired from competitive gymnastics, performing handsprings, cartwheels, somersaults, leaps, and more, all while surrounded by city traffic.

To finish the performance off in extra style, Katelyn makes a giant leap before magically landing inside the new Yaris, where she tells us “When you’ve got the energy to keep going, why stop?”.

Where was this Toyota Yaris advert filmed?

The filming location chosen for this commercial was the city of Cape Town in South Africa.

Advert Music: Out of the Sky.
Group: Random Recipe.
Stream or download from Amazon UK.

The song playing during this Toyota Yaris advert was released in 2018 by Canadian group Random Recipe and is titled ‘Out of the Sky’.


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