Find the newest Volvo advert music. Search our list of internet and TV adverts for Volvo cars to discover what the ad music is and who sings it:

Volvo Excavators Commercial – Dolph Lundgren

The fact that Volvo have produced this rather big-budget promotional video for their construction equipment is surprising enough, but what's even more unexpected is that they cast Hollywood actor Dolph Lundgren. The Rocky movie…
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Volvo V60 Cross Country

Volvo have just launched this extended ad film for their V60 Cross Country, which shows a couple driving the estate car through many challenging weather conditions and across a variety of terrains. Music: Breathe.…
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New Volvo S60

Here's some more original TV advert music from Volvo, as the Swedish manufacturer give us a look at their new S60 luxury sports saloon. The soundtrack to this S60 advert comes from the combination of LOWTUS &…
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