2020 US TV Commercial Songs

Find US TV commercial song information and videos. Watch the full-length ad videos and discover the music and singers details behind the latest and most popular American television ad campaigns:

iPhone XS Commercial – Growth Spurt

This new Growth Spurt Apple commercial shows iPhone XS and XS Max owners taking photos of animals, food, buildings and other people, which leads to them all instantly increasing in size. Featuring a giant cat,…
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Uber Commercial Song – Smile

Uber have just released a series of short commercials that tell viewers "Opportunity is everywhere" and "You can show someone a world that’s bigger than the one they know." The ad video then finishes…
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McDonald’s – More In Common

This new McDonald's TV ad tells us that no matter how different we may appear, we have more in common than we think. The video shows a trucker, a mother and her kids, and…
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