2018 Christmas Adverts

Find the latest Christmas adverts and the music featured in them. Search our list of 2018 Christmas TV ads to find out what the advert song is and who recorded it:

Ernest Jones Advert Song 2018

British jeweller Ernest Jones bring us this classy TV advert ahead of the Christmas 2018 shopping season. The ad video shows a couple performing some ballroom dancing, before the man gets down on one…
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Sainsbury’s Christmas Ad Song 2018

As is traditional for the supermarket chain, Sainsbury's have waited until mid-November before releasing their Christmas TV ad campaign. Here you can watch the full-length 2-minute version: Set in a festive school play, this…
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Vodafone – Glide Through Christmas

Actor Martin Freeman returns in the latest Vodafone TV advert, this time for the mobile phone networks Christmas 2018 ad campaign. The video shows Martin getting into a panic when he realises he forgot…
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Visa Christmas Ad Song 2018

Visa UK have just released their Christmas 2018 TV ad campaign, just in time for the festive shopping season. Obviously the debit and credit card company would prefer if you make your purchases on…
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TK Maxx Christmas Advert 2018

We've never been able to accuse TK Maxx's Christmas adverts of being formulaic or too sentimental and this 2018 festive ad campaign is certainly no different. This time we see an actress discover the Neverending…
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Boots Christmas Advert Song 2018

Boots 2018 Christmas ad shows a girl feeling like she's having her fun spoiled by her mum's lack of hair styling skills and strict rules on make-up. But the daughter is later surprised to…
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