2020 SEAT Advert Music

Find the latest Seat advert music. Search this frequently modified collection of internet and TV commercials for Spanish car manufacturer Seat, to find out what the music is and who recorded it:

SEAT Tarraco – Ice Swimming

Set to a nice relaxing piece of music, this new 'You Get Older Because You Stop - Ice' February 2019 TV advert for the SEAT Tarraco shows a woman venturing off to a frozen…
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SEAT Tarraco Advert – Ice

Here's a look at the new 'Ice' TV advert video for the SEAT Tarraco, which shows a female diver cutting a hole in the ice over a frozen lake, before getting under for a…
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SEAT – Because Them, Us

Titled 'Because Them, Us', this new 2019 SEAT TV advert takes a look at alternative ways of doing things and peoples responses to their less favoured aspects of life. The 60-second video includes the…
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SEAT Ibiza Beats & Arona

SEAT has just launched a pair of new commercials for the Ibiza Beats and Arona Beats cars, each of which comes with a BeatsAudio sound system installed. Both ads encourage viewers to 'See The World Through Your Ears'.…
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