Find the latest Seat advert music. Search our list of internet and TV commercials for Spanish car manufacturer Seat, to find out what the music is and who recorded it:

SEAT Tarraco – Ice Swimming

Set to a nice relaxing piece of music, this new 'You Get Older Because You Stop - Ice' February 2019 TV advert for the SEAT Tarraco shows a woman venturing off to a frozen…
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SEAT – Because Them, Us

Titled 'Because Them, Us', this new 2019 SEAT TV advert takes a look at alternative ways of doing things and peoples responses to their less favoured aspects of life. The 60-second video includes the…
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SEAT Ibiza Beats & Arona

SEAT has just launched a pair of new commercials for the Ibiza Beats and Arona Beats cars, each of which comes with a BeatsAudio sound system installed. Both ads encourage viewers to 'See The World Through Your Ears'.…
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