Get the latest 2018 Coca-Cola advert music. Search our list of TV and online adverts for Coke soft drinks to find out what the music is and who sings it:

Coca-Cola Commercial Song – Christmas 2018

In a change to their traditional 'Holidays Are Coming' ad, Coca-Cola have just released this new 'The World Needs More Santa's' Christmas 2018 commercial, which invites viewers to #BeSanta. The video shows a boy riding his bike…
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Coca-Cola – One Way Or Another

Coca-Cola's current 2018 ad campaign lets viewers know that their original Coke taste is available "One Way Or Another" - With sugar or without. However, the guy at the beginning of the commercial couldn't…
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Coca-Cola – World Cup

Football and soccer fans rush out to the shops mid-game to grab some cans and bottles of Coke, only to miss that all-important goal in this latest Russia 2018 inspired TV ad. Coca-Cola shows…
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