BBC Trailers

BBC Advert Music – Watch BBC adverts and trailer videos, and get their soundtrack and artists information. Including trailers for BBC One, Two, Three and Four:

The Greatest Dancer BBC Trailer Song

Following on from their recently-released teaser video, the BBC have just brought out this new full-length 'Coming Soon' trailer for The Greatest Dancer. From the mind of Simon Cowell, this is the latest talent show…
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BBC One Christmas 2018 Films

BBC One gives us a preview of the films coming to our television screens over the Christmas period in this just-released trailer. The video includes clips of the movies Mary Poppins, ANT-MAN, The Jungle…
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Les Misérables BBC Trailer Video

Here's your chance to finally watch the extended version of the new official Les Misérables BBC One trailer. The BBC1 six-part adaptation of Victor Hugo's historical French novel has been written by Andrew Davies, with the series…
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