Find the latest Audi advert music. Search our list of internet and TV commercials for car manufacturer Audi to find out what the music is and who sings it:

Audi A8 – Escape

Audi showcase some of their A8 cars luxury features in a very creative way with this brand new Escape TV advert, which shows a man hiding from a gang in the back of an…
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Audi Approved – Dream

 'It doesn't have to be new to be everything you dreamed of' 2018 Audi Advert Music - Audi UK brings us this brand-new TV ad campaign to promote their approved used cars. The…
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Audi – Clowns

'Clowns' Audi TV Adverts Music - Audi find a unique and original way to demonstrate some of their cars safety features in this colourful clowns commercial, which features an amazing soundtrack. Advert Music Music:…
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