2020 Audi Advert Music

Find the latest Audi advert music. Search our list of internet and TV commercials for car manufacturer Audi to find out what the music is and who sings it:

Audi Commercial Song – Swimming Pool

Two white Audi cars enter an almost empty swimming pool in this latest TV commercial. The ad video promotes the companies new A1, pointing out that the vehicles smaller size doesn’t need to mean…
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Audi e-tron – Electric Has Gone Audi

Audi's new ad for their all-electric e-tron tells viewers that "It's electric, but not as you know it". The video tells us about how iconic people like Muhammad Ali, Elvis and Salvador Dalí were masters at things…
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Audi Q8 – Big Entrance

The new Audi Q8 makes a big entrance in this dramatic TV ad campaign. Set at night in a shipping yard, the commercial shows a container being delivered and opened, then an orchestra begins…
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Audi A7 – Where Next?

This is the TV advert music info for the new Audi A7 Where Next? ad campaign, which shows a man thinking about his work and family lift, while travelling in a lift down to…
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Audi A8 – Escape

Audi showcase some of their A8 cars luxury features in a very creative way with this brand new Escape TV advert, which shows a man hiding from a gang in the back of an…
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