2020 Swarovski Mother’s Day Commercial – My Love – Song by Eric Starczan

Here’s a look at the full-length version of the new Spring & Summer 2020 Mother’s Day Swarovski commercial, which encourages viewers to ‘Spark Delight’.

Showcasing the magical new Swarovski Mother’s Day collection, this colorful ad video shows a young boy with his dog as he watches his mother through a pair of binoculars, before he then presses a button that showers the woman with confetti.

Advert Music: My Sweet Love.
Singer: Eric Starczan.
Stream or download from Amazon.

When I first listened to this 2020 Swarovski commercial song I thought the vocals sounded a little like Roy Orbison, but not identical. It turns out though that this piece of music was recorded by the singer Eric Starczan.

The song is titled ‘My Sweet Love’ and was released for download in 2018 as part of the album ‘The Endless Wave Summer’.

April 8, 2020

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