Starling Bank Advert – Feeling Good – Song by Avicii

Starling Bank has just launched its first-ever UK TV advert, encouraging us to “Start feeling good about money with personal and business banking”.

According to the ad campaigns voice-over, these financial services are “So simple fast and beautiful and voted Britain’s best bank twice”. The video follows a swarm of starling birds flying in a murmuration across the sky, from a mobile cafe trailer, over the rural landscape, into the city and back.

Advert Music: Feeling Good.
Producer/Singer: Avicii feat. Audra Mae.
Stream or download from Amazon.

This 2019 Starling Bank advert song is a cover of American singer Nina Simone’s 1964 classic ‘Feeling Good’. The cover version featured in this Starling Bank video was recorded by Swedish producer Avicii and features vocals by US singer Audra Mae.

Continuing with the ad music theme, one of the songs Avicii is perhaps best known for working on is the tune ‘Taste The Feeling’ that he recorded with singer Conrad Sewell for the Coca-Cola TV commercials of the same name. His version of Feeling Good with Audra Mae was actually originally featured in and recorded for an ad campaign for Volvo, who traditionally use Swedish artists to create their advert soundtracks.

2 November 2019

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