2020 Skechers Energy Commercial Song – SKX

This new 15-second TV commercial shows models wearing the latest range of women’s Skechers Energy sneakers.

According to the ad spots YouTube video description, the iconic Skechers Energy sneaker is this year celebrating its 20th anniversary and is now once again wowing the world!

We’re told that those classic colors, featuring a red, white and blue SKX, are back along with fresh new designs, meaning Skechers Energy provides that timeless vision that easily completes wearer’s favorite looks.

Advert Music: Raise The Roof.
Artist: Gyom.

This 2020 Skechers Energy commercial song is a tune titled ‘Raise The Roof’ that was recorded by an artist called ‘Gyom’. This track isn’t currently available to download via Amazon, but it is available to listen to it on SoundCloud.


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