Samsung Galaxy ‘Inspired by’ Advert – Onions – Song by Karen Dalton

In the UK Samsung has just released this new TV ad with the hashtag #withGalaxy for their Galaxy smartphones.

Titled ‘Inspired by a True Photo’, this commercial’s format is rather different from Samsung’s usual device-focused adverts. In fact, you probably wouldn’t know what brand was being advertised until the very end of the video.

The short film shows a man and a woman working in a cafe and a restaurant located opposite each other, with each of them taking the opportunity to gaze at the other every chance they get.

Eventually, this story concludes with the pair meeting while out buying their workplaces specialty food, onions.

Advert Music: Something On Your Mind.
Artist: Karen Dalton.
Stream or download from or Amazon UK.

The music playing in this latest Samsung advert is a song from 1971 by the American blues, folk, and country singer Karen Dalton and is the opening track on her second and final studio album ‘In My Own Time’.


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