Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Commercial – Change the Shape of the Future – Song by Norman Petty Project

Samsung seeks to “Change the shape of the future” as they introduce us to the new Galaxy Z Fold 2 in this TV ad spot.

The 60-second official launch film shows us Samsung’s foldable smartphone from all angles as they demonstrate how web browsing and videos look on the Z Fold2, as well as how Google Duo can appear on this top of the range device.

Advert Music: A Petite Concerto.
Artist: Norman Petty Project.

The piece of orchestral music playing during this Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 commercial is an unreleased song called ‘A Petite Concerto’ that was recorded back in 1964 by the Norman Petty Project with the Ivor Raymonde Orchestra.

September 26, 2020

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