Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G Commercial – Song by Hey Buko

Samsung encourages us to “Change the shape of the future” in this TV advert for the new Galaxy Z Flip 5G phone. Yes, the flip phone is back!

The 30-second ad spot provides close-up views of the latest Z Flip both inside and out, giving us a look at how the device’s screen works when folded at a 90-degree angle and when totally flat like a standard smartphone.

Now available in all-new Mystic Bronze and Mystic Gray colors, Samsung describes the Z Flip 5G as a “Palm-sized foldable phone with hyperfast speeds”.

Advert Music: Watch What I Do.
Artist: Hey Buko.

Featuring the lyrics “I see you looking”, this Samsung Galaxy Z Flip commercial song is a track called ‘Watch What I Do’ that was recorded by Hey Buko.

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