Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Commercial – Work Hard, Play Harder – Song by Shirley Ellis

The new Galaxy Tab S7 & S7 Plus are now available and Samsung has released this TV commercial to promote them, focusing on the theme of ‘Work Hard and Play Harder’.

As the title suggests, this 30-second ad spot demonstrates just a few of the many ways these Samsung tablets can be utilized for both working and relaxing.

In a clip many viewers will likely be able to relate to, we see a woman declining a late-night call from work, instead rightly choosing to keep work and her own time at home separate.

Advert Music: The Clapping Song.
Singer: Shirley Ellis.
Stream or download from Amazon.

Given the lyrics, this current Galaxy Tab S7 commercial song is rather appropriately titled ‘The Clapping Song’.

The version of the track playing in this Samsung ad was released in 1965 by the New York City soul and pop music vocalist, Shirley Ellis.

August 12, 2020

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