Samsung Galaxy S20 Commercial – Little Light/Favorite Colors – Songs by Amos Lee & Black Pumas

Here we have the latest ad spot, plus the alternative ‘All My Favorite Colors’ soundtrack info, for Samsung’s Galaxy S20 smartphone which this time is made up of photos and film footage that’s been captured during the coronavirus crisis.

Update: This same video is also currently airing on TV with a different soundtrack, that one being a song called ‘Colors’ that was recorded by Black Pumas. End of update.

The commercial then demonstrates some of the S20 camera’s technical features, like its impressive zoom, face capturing, and dark light exposure.

The ad concludes with the message “See your world differently. Explore with Galaxy S20”.

Advert Music: Little Light.
Artist: Amos Lee.
Stream or download from or Amazon UK.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 commercial song playing in this ad was recorded by the Philadelphia soul and folk singer-songwriter Amos Lee.

Including the lyrics “Let your little light shine for the world to see”, the track is titled ‘Little Light’ and is taken from Amos’ 2018 album ‘My New Moon’.


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