Persil Advert – Running Free – Song by Singer Tasha Robertson

Here’s the latest 2020 Persil advert that’s currently airing on TV and gives hope to viewers by reminding us that, as tough as this situation is during the coronavirus restrictions, it won’t last forever.

The video shows deserted playgrounds that, in this weather, until recently, would have an almost unimaginable sight. Even a few weeks into the lockdown these sights still feel eerie and unreal.

The video tells us “For years, we encouraged you to get dirty outdoors” but goes on to say “For now, we thank you for playing indoors. Home is good”.

Advert Music: Running Free.
Artist: Tasha Robertson.
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This 2020 Persil advert song appears to be an original piece of music, possibly created especially for the ad campaign.

The song includes the words “Soon you will be running, running free” which, let’s hope, prove to be an accurate forecast for the months ahead. Those lyrics were written by the English singer-songwriter Tasha Robertson, who posted the Persil commercial on her Facebook music page.

Last Updated: 23/4/2020

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