Peloton Commercial – Husband buys his wife a bike for Christmas

The first time I watched this new Holiday season Peloton Bike commercial, I thought it’s a brave man who buys his wife or girlfriend a piece of fitness equipment for Christmas, unless she’s specifically requested that prior to the big day.

But rather than responding by saying something like “What are you trying to say?” or “Do you think I’m fat?”, the actress actually appears excitedly surprised and very grateful for her gift.

The woman then films a video diary of her training for her husband, working hard day in, day out in her spare time, saying “A year ago I didn’t realize how much this would change me. Thank you”.

However, the ad never shows the man exercising, which might have provided some balance and feeling of equality. To be fair though, Peloton has previously released many commercials showing both men and women using their service, but those actors always appear to be doing it purely as their own choice and only for themselves.

The most uncomfortable feeling I get when watching the advert is that this woman is training hard, not for herself, but instead to please her partner.

I’m sure there are millions of men and women out there who’d love to have a Peloton Bike, but perhaps not after receiving one as an unrequested gift from a partner, thus leaving them with a feeling of commitment to use it to make the giver happy.

This 2019 Peloton advert appears to have created some controversy and criticism on social media, with @Limericking stating on Twitter: “A Peloton ad has made clear. Just what it can do in a year. The Peloton wife, Has a beautiful life. And a general aura of fear.”

Was this just a well-meaning commercial that, perhaps due to some misinterpreted facial expressions or bad acting left viewers feeling the wife felt pressure to be in great shape to keep her partner happy? Or did Peloton get the message very wrong? We’ll let you decide that one for yourself. But going by the dislikes to likes ratio on the YouTube video, it’s clear that the vast majority of viewers aren’t impressed.

December 2, 2019

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