Pampers Advert – Goodnight

Featuring a piece of music by singer Ryan O’Neal, Pampers has just released this new ‘Pampers For Preemies’ TV advert that’s titled ‘Sleep Is Everything’.

Filmed in a hospital’s maternity ward, the ad tells us how Pampers are donating its smallest fitting nappies to premature babies born here in the UK. The video says “When you’re this small, sleep is everything” and “Our smallest nappy is designed to help them sleep”.

Advert Music: Lullaby.
Artist: Sleeping At Last.
Stream or download from Amazon UK.

This Pampers advert song is a tune called ‘Lullaby’ that was recorded by American musical project Sleeping At Last, who now only consist of singer-songwriter and musician Ryan O’Neal.

Lullaby features the lyrics “Goodnight, goodnight. Sweet dreams for now. Drift off to sleep on your pillow of clouds” and “Tomorrow’s adventures will soon begin” and was released for download as a single in 2017.

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