Pampers Advert – Special Care, Wires – Song by Athlete

Amid the release of the big Christmas TV ads, Pampers has just brought out this ‘Special Care – Pampers For Preemies’ advert to tell us they’re donating their smallest nappies to premature babies in the UK.

Advert Music: Wires.
Artist: Athlete.
Stream or download from Amazon.

Fitting the powerful and emotional film footage shown in this commercial perfectly, this latest Pampers advert song is a track called ‘Wires’ that was released in 2005 by the British indie rock band Athlete.

The reason that the lyrics in this single fit the ad so well is because it was written by Athlete’s lead singer Joel Pott about his daughter, who was rushed to intensive care after her birth.

The group’s frontman wrote the song as a tribute to a hospital worker who played a big part in saving his daughter’s life.

17 Nov 2020

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