O2 Advert 2020 – Shine Your Light on Me – Song by Michael Kiwanuka

Singer Michael Kiwanuka provides the music to this brand-new 2020 advert from O2 that tells viewers “You’re Our Headline Act”.

The 30-second ad video opens with a man walking at night through a park while looking at his phone, before he begins dancing on a raised platform in front of a particularly big and bright full moon. The actor then swings off a lamppost in a scene reminiscent of the musical Singing in the Rain, only here we see sparks falling instead of rain.

The commercial’s voiceover then tells us “On O2 you’re our headline act. Which is why you can get the phone you want for less per month, with a custom plan from O2”. The idea is that customers will now get to customise their plans depending on how regularly they wish to upgrade their phone, the data they require, upfront payments etc.

The release of this new advert follows a brief rerelease of the mobile phone networks ‘City of Stars – Catch Some Stardust’ campaign that premiered last year.

Advert Music: Light.
Singer: Michael Kiwanuka.
Stream or download from Amazon.

Featuring the lyrics “Shine your light on me”, this Custom Plans 2020 O2 advert song is a tune by the London-based, Brit Award-nominated singer-songwriter and producer Michael Kiwanuka. The track is titled ‘Light’ as is taken from the British artist’s self-titled 2019 album ‘Kiwanuka’.

For any of you reading this who take a regular interest in TV advert music, the name Michael Kiwanuka may sound familiar to you. His song ‘Cold Little Heart’ recently featured in this popular ‘All Kinds of Strenght’ Mercedes GLE commercial.

3 March 2020

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