New York Lottery Holiday Commercial – Let’s Work Together

This new ‘Special Delivery’ Holiday season New York Lottery commercial invites viewers to ‘Believe in the Magic of the Season’.

The 60-second ad video shows a park ranger receiving a Red Riches Seasonal Scratch-Off Game card as a gift from her colleague, but while driving home for Christmas the card gets blown out of the window of her vehicle.

But thanks to a team effort from the local wildlife, the scratch card still gets delivered to the woman’s house, finally being pushed under her door by a raccoon.

This Scratch-Off Game Holiday New York Lottery commercial song features the lyrics “Everything will get better, if we just work together”, “You and I, it’s now or never. So come on, let’s get together” and “Let’s work together”.

However, we haven’t yet been able to find the name of the singer or if this ad song has been released as a complete single. We’ll update this page if we learn any further details.

November 25, 2019

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