Motorola Razr Commercial – Song by Pigeon John

This TV commercial introduces viewers to the new Motorola Razr, a device that may initially look like an old flip phone when closed, but actually opens out into a full-sized smartphone.

According to Motorola, the Razr offers users the “pocket-ready size of a flip phone fused with the intelligence of a modern smartphone”, which we see demonstrated in this 60-second ‘It has arrived’ advert video.

Advert Music: They Don’t Make Em Like Me.
Artist: Pigeon John.
Stream or download from & Amazon UK.

This 2020 Motorola Razr commercial song features these very appropriate lyrics for a flip phone advert: “They don’t make ’em like me no more”. But of course thanks to the creation of the Razr, they do make them like this once more.

The hip-hop track was released last year by Californian rapper John Dust, who’s better known by his stage name, Pigeon John.


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