Mercedes-Benz Winter Event Commercial Video & Song Details – ‘Plushie’ Toy

Mercedes-Benz USA are currently promoting their Winter Event with this great holiday season commercial.

The ad spot shows a truck pulling up outside a dinner on a cold, snow-covered winter night, where we see a very sad and tired-looking, yet still incredibly cute, furry toy mascot escape.

After dropping from the front of the truck, the cute Plushie character battles the cold and strong winds to get away, where they’re then seen and picked up by a young girl who gives them a warmer loving home.

Plushie and the family then drive off in the Mercedes 2021 GLA 250 SUV.

Advert Music: Your Sweet Heart (cover).
Original Singer: Elijah Aaron.
Stream or download the original from Amazon.

Opening with the lyrics “The world is much bigger now you’re gone”, this Mercedes-Benz Winter Event commercial song appears to be a partly reworded cover of a track called ‘Your Sweet Heart’ that was originally recorded by Elijah Aaron.

We so far haven’t been able to find out who the female vocalist is that’s performing the cover in this Mercedes ad but we’ll update this page if we find out.

November 12, 2020

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