Mercedes-Benz Summer Event Commercial Song – Dog Rescue, Winding Roads

With the latest Mercedes-Benz USA Summer Event now running, the company has just re-released their ‘Rescue’ commercial video that encourages viewers to “Add a new member to the family”.

The video follows a family as they stop by an animal rescue center to pick up a dog and give them a loving new home. During the journey back home in their Mercedes, the family and their lovely new dog stop for ice creams, before heading to some fields for a game of fetch.

Ad Music: Side by Side. Singer: Layup.
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The Summer season Mercedes commercial song, which includes the lyrics “these winding roads will lead me home”, is a single called ‘Side by Side’. The song was recorded and released in 2017 by music producer Chad Copelin and vocalist Chris Henderson, who collectively go by the name of Layup.

July 2, 2019

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