McDonald’s Advert – Rhythm Of The Night – Song by Hattie Webb

McDonald’s have brought back singer Hattie Webb’s cover of the song ‘Rhythm Of The Night’ for an updated 2020 version of their late-night ad campaign.

Originally featuring the tagline ‘We Are Awake’ when it was first released a few years back, this new version of the advert is titled ‘Night Workers – Overnight’ and only shows night shift workers becoming visible after walking into a 24 hours McDonald’s restaurant.

This year’s commercial concludes with the message that “Over 700 restaurants serving a world most of us never see” and the tagline “If you’re awake, we’re awake”.

Advert Music: Rhythm of the Night (Corona cover).
Artist: Hattie Webb.
Download or stream from Amazon.

This 2020 McDonald’s UK advert song is again singer-songwriter and harpist Hattie Webb’s cover of Italian Eurodance band Corona’s 1993 hit ‘The Rhythm Of The Night’.

Hattie, who is one half of English musical duo The Webb Sisters, released her cover version for download in 2016 as part of her album ‘Mouth of the Sea’.

10 March 2020

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