M&S Advert – Dancing Christmas Jumpers – Jump Around

Marks and Spencer’s Christmas jumpers love to dance whether the wearer likes it or not in this new ‘Go Jumpers for Christmas’ M&S advert.

After noticing a folded up festive jumper beginning to move by itself, a woman decides to see what happens when she puts it on, resulting in the actress breaking into a full dance routine out in the street. But it turns out this lady isn’t the only person having her movements controlled by her sweater, as we then see loads of other dancers performing all kinds of moves while wearing their festive M&S outfits.

Advert Music: Jump Around.
Artist: House of Pain.
Download or stream from Amazon.

This Christmas Jumpers M&S advert song is a hip-hop tune called ‘Jump Around’ that was released in 1992 by US group House of Pain. Opening with the lyrics “Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin”, which Marks & Spencer have changed to ‘Pack it up, pack it in. Let Christmas begin’ for the ad’s tagline, this track is taken from the trio’s self-titled debut album and reached number 8 on the official UK singles chart.

This song also featured earlier this year in an American TV commercial for State Farm insurance.

9 November 2019

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