Macy’s Holiday Commercial – Give Love. Give Style

Titled ‘Hey, Santa’, here’s a look at the new Macy’s Holiday commercial which offers viewers the opportunity to ‘Give Love. Give Style’.

Filmed inside a Macy’s store, this 60-second festive ad spot shows a boy searching around for a gift. But rather than looking through the toys section to get something for himself, the boy instead looks everywhere else, until he decides on some comfy footwear.

By the end of the ad, we discover that the boy not only wasn’t looking for a present for himself but not even for one of his parents. It turns out this gift was for Santa himself.

What’s the Macy’s Holiday commercial song?

Ad Music: Hey Santa Claus.
Artist: The Moonglows.
Stream or download from Amazon.
Year of Release: 1953.

The festive song playing in this Macy’s Holiday commercial is a tune titled ‘Hey Santa Claus’ which was recorded by American R&B group The Moonglows and was released in 1953 from the album ‘Presenting The Moonglows’.

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