Lynx Africa Advert – 25 Years, Squirrel – Song by Apache Indian

This 2020/2021 ‘Hot Since ’95’ advert for Lynx Africa takes viewers, and a squirrel, on a nostalgic trip from 1995 to 2020 to celebrate 25 years of the deodorant brand.

Beginning in Manchester during the mid-’90s, the commercial shows a young man traveling forward through time as he chases a tin of Lynx Africa that he needs to help him attract a woman he has a crush on.

On his way to the present day, the guy experiences the changing music, fashion, home entertainment, and evolving technology of the era. Eventually the tin rolls to the actress playing the guys crush who, after a quick spray of the deodorant, is instantly attracted to our man.

Along the way, this Lynx advert sees guest appearances by heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua, rap and grime music artist AJ Tracey, and YouTuber Calfreezy. And yes, we also see a squirrel getting intimate with a limited edition 25 Years can of Lynx Africa. But hey, what would a Lynx TV and YouTube ad be without some chance of it being banned?

Just in case you’re worried about any lack of social distancing displayed in the commercial, the video was filmed in early March, just before lockdown restriction came into effect.

Advert Music: Boom Shack-A-Lak.
Artist: Apache Indian.
Stream or download from Amazon.

This Lynx Africa advert song is a tune from the ’90s titled ‘Boom Shack-A-Lak’ that was a number 5 hit here in the UK for the English DJ and singer-songwriter Apache Indian, whose real name is Steven Kapur.

25 April 2020

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